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Vampyr cine-concert 2014 creation
Vampyr ciné-concert création 2014Vampyr cine-concert 2014 creation

Dreyer’s Vampyr belongs to the sound flm era. I just wanted to treat it as a masterpiece of silent flm, just by rewriting an imaginary sound track. There is something very contemporary, very modern about vampires. They’re a sort of hellish symbol of insidious phenomena such as epidemics, contaminations or some forms of proselytism. That’s what Murnau’s Nosferatu was all about, wasn’t it? To my mind, Dracula is similar to Murnau’s flm and emphasises the temporal, theatrical aspects of the character even more. After our Nosferatu, I didn’t want to do the same thing again. What interests me in Dreyer’s Vampyr is actually that the vampire is hardly visible. The character is an elderly lady, who is summoned by a group of very strange people. Dreyer is more interested in greyish landscapes, uncertain characters that he draws into a never-ending, macabre whirl.”
Gérard Hourbette – june 2011

Un projet pour Trois Écoles Primaires de l’Agglomération de Valenciennes
Un projet pour Trois Écoles Primaires de l'Agglomération de Valenciennes

Musique et cinema d’animation : un projet en direction de trois classes de primaires de l’agglomération Valenciennes Métropole
En partenariat avec Valenciennes Métropole et avec l’Education Nationale
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